Personal gifts - name gifts, guest gifts

If you are looking for exravagant and special guest gifts, this is the place to be. By wish I will gladly customize your guest gift for you. Bowls or ceramic figures can be provided with a date or name of your choice. These items are great table decoration and will later be a staying memory of a special occasion for your guests.

By having movable personal rings attached to them, the bowls become an even more personal gift. One of the here shown examples is showing the names PAUL and PAULA on each of the rings - my gift idea for wedding guests.

As a guest gift for birthday, wedding, engagement and other occasions. But even as a gift for girl or boyfriend, and for companies' parties these cute bowls and ceramic figures are THE special thing!
Namensgeschenke aus ton zum geburtstag oder einem anderen festtag bzw. feiertag - NR: 140
keramik würmer als gastgeschenk - NR: 141
Gastgeschenk - Würmer - NR: 141

Table Decoration - Worm

NO little garden gnomes, but ceramic worms can be ordered here to be made individually. The hats are available in red, green, blue, yellow and orange.
The shape of the hat is choosable between sharp and flat. addable is a name plate with e.g. 'Happy Birthday', 'Farewell', 'For Mom' and others.

The height is approx. between 2 and 3 inches. The deco worms made of clay also look great in your flower bouquet. Also they are the eyecatcher as for instance table deco or guest gifts at childrens' birthdays, weddings or other occasions.

Price: Worm without plate: 5.00 EUR, with plate: 6.00 EUR
order 10 worms and more, each(without plate): 4.50 EUR, with plate: 5.50 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)

Edge Sitter - Table Decoration

Approx. 2 inches tall edge sitter with a tiny plate around his neck. I will gladly costumize the edge sitter for you with a personal saying on the plate.
E.g.: Farewell, Happy Birthday or a name of your choice.

These small boys the absolute highlight to bring to a party as table decoration.

The unique edge sitter could also be used as guest gifts at a wedding.

Available colors: red, blue, green, yellow or orange
Other haircut ideas you will find in this category, just have a look!

Price each: 10.50 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)
kantenhocker zum geburtstag aus keramik - NR: 139
Kantenhocker 'Happy Birthday' - NR: 139
Keramikschalen als personalisiertes Geschenk zur Hochzeit für Gäste oder Firmenfeier / Geburtstagsfeier - NR: 120
personalisiertes Geschenk aus Ton - NR: 120

Ceramic bowl with date

Color: Natural - covered with engobe
diameter approx. 3 inches

Price each: 4.50 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)

Ceramic bowl with Name-rings

Colour Nature - with Engobe
diameter approx. 3 inches

Price each: 7.00 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)
Gastgeschenke zur Verlobung, Firmenfeier, zum runden Geburtstag oder Hochzeit - NR: 121
Namensgeschenke - NR: 121
The price for a single item lies between 4.50 EUR and 10 EUR, depending on shape, color and detail. For an extra tip I will pack the guest gifts by your ideas.

I am looking forward to your request, to customize your personal gifts for you. The time until delivery for these name gifts / guest gifts is approx. 4 weeks for making 25 items and more. If you order more than 10 items, you will get a percentage discount.


  ο   Keramik Teelichthalter - NR: 163 - VERKAUFT   ο   Blumen Schmuck Anhänger aus Ton mit Glasur - NR: 174 - VERKAUFT   ο