Beautiful decoration for garden and balcony

On this page you will find a bunch of pretty good ideas for a unique and interesting decoration of your garden or balcony. The decoration items introduced here are fired to be frost resistant at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit to survive even colder days.

If you should have other good ideas please feel free to contact me personally - I will then gladly try to realize these ideas most properly! Many of the ceramics from the other categories on can be manufactured frost proof, by using weather resistent rope and executing the glaze firing with higher temperature. For questions please feel free to contact me via E-Mail or telephone.
keramik vogel stelen gartendeko  - NR: 135
Keramikvögel - NR: 135

Vogel Stele

This deco figure for your garden is made from maßive clay and
is fired to be frost proof at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.
The birds can have a square pattern and are partially
adorned with colored gaze. The colors of your choice are blue, yellow,
green, red, white or natural. Sticked on a metal pole the bird
looks quite pretty in your patch or flower box.

The ceramic figure comes with a clay ring, which is to put
on a joint ring on the metal pole.
This way it will get all firm, nothing will tend to slip.So kann bei der kleinen Stele nichts verrutschen.

The height of the garden figure ist approx. 3-3.5 inches
incl. the ceramic ring. The metal pole is not
included in the delivery.

Price: 16.00 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)

edge sitter - frost proof

Here you CANNOT buy a garden gnome - BUT the funny garden figures made of clay are perfectly suitable as an eyecatcher for garden and balcony! Of course, the edge sitter also may sit inside and thus decorate the room!

The figures are fired at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and can take some frost.

Arms, legs and if applicable braids are made of weather resistent rope. The height of the edge sitter is approx. 5 inches.
Color of your choice:blue, yellow, green, red, white and natural

Price: 21.00 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)
kantenhocker blau - NR: 131 - VERKAUFT
 kantenhocker in rot kantensitzer - NR: 130
Gartendeko Kantenhocker - NR: 130 - VERKAUFT
schicke keramik deko blumen in rot gelb - NR: 127 - VERKAUFT
Gartendeko Blumen - NR: 127 - VERKAUFT

Ceramic Deco Flowers

These unique rose balls - the eyecatcher in your garden!
The bigger flower has a diameter of approx. 6 inches, the two
smaller ones have a diameter of approx. 4 inches.

The flowers are fired at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in the color of your choice
(blue, yellow, green, red, white)
This garden decoration is simply put on a pole, no matter if metal
or wood, and there it is, your personal deco figure for the garden.

Price: 28.00 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)

Wind chimes for the garden

The wind chimes for your garden are approx. 28 inches long(without mounting). The three clay plates are colored in natural, in the center of each plate a rattan ball is attached.

These round plates rotate in the wind and also the small bast balls rotate seperately.

The plates' diameters of the here shown
wind chimes are: small approx. 6 inches, medium approx. 7,5 inches,
large approx. 9 inches.

This item is also suitable as wall decoration or a mobile in your rooms.

Price each: 38.00 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)
gartendeko / windspiel aus keramik in rot und natur - NR: 129
gartendekoration unruhe aus keramik - NR: 136 - VERKAUFT
Unruhe Natur - NR: 136 - VERKAUFT


  ο   kantensitzer gartendeko - NR: 130 - VERKAUFT   ο   Adventsstern / Lava - Keramik zu Weihnachten -  jedes Teil ein Unikat   ο