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Individual gifts - Ceramic ideas from Chemnitz in Germany - order online now!

German Handmade ceramic - tenderly and individually created pottery items are offered here, for an attractive price.
handgemachte chemnitzer töpferwaren unikate mit unverwechselbarem design -  keramikschüssel, kantenhocker, kräuterschilder, unruhe, keramik stele - ANSICHT
verschiedene Töpferwaren - ANSICHT

Welcome to my small pottery corner :)

To work with clay and experiment with it has been my hobby for years. Up to this very day family members and friends of mine have been enjoying my handmade 'Clay items'. Probably because for instance no bowl is like the other and they still fit together.

A special gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, for your girlfriend, parents, birthday or wedding - I am sure you will find something pretty here!
Choose between edge sitter, bowls, herb plates, garden/balcony/wall decoration and many others.

Every piece is different.
Each item is unique.

My works are neither even, straight or in a steady manner - some ceramic items I combine with other materials. This is how the initial work by the table transformed into
- my small pottery corner.

Probably you are friends with extraordinary things and find something compying to your taste. I am looking forward to your request via contact form, phone or E-Mail.

Thanks a lot for coming by!
Kathrin Stoltze

... This is how you order fast and easy

You will find an item number underneath every picture on the right handside. This number is also shown at the small preview pictures, if moving the mouse cursor over the picture. If something is sold out at the moment, it will be shown as well.

The categories show examples of pottery ware which I gladly customize for you personally, by your wishes including color, glaze, shape, size and others.
Please add the item number to your request, so that I can allocate which piece you are interested in. Perhaps the integrated search which is matching your request perfectly! ( Site is in German language only )

Of course, every item can be picked up personally here in Chemnitz as well :)
Keramik Tischschmuck Herzen in Rot und Natur - NR: 181
Keramik Tischschmuck Herzen - NR: 181

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