Wall decoration made of ceramic - handmade wall decoration for you

The decoration for many occasions. Whether in the office, home or other places, often there are blank walls that want to be decorated. A wall hanging is the perfect gift for friends of special things.
The wall decoration created by me was formed from different clay boards being put together with bast.

The colors are choosable between blue / red / yellow / green / white / natural. The poßible width lies between 2 and 7 inches. The length --> as long as you want. Gladly we can talk about the details on the phone.

Also gladly I will form the shown wall deco for your puppet house - miniature size. The shipping cost will, of course, then be lower than normal.
Keramik Wandschmuck zur Dekoration - NR: 115  - VERKAUFT
Wanddekoration aus Ton - NR: 115 - VERKAUFT

Wall decoration made of ceramic

Width varies at the shown items between 5 and 6 inches,
Length between 11 and 13 inches (measured without balls)

Price each: 22.00 EUR
(dimensions are like here shown. If other size or version,
price as agreed)


  ο   Dose mit Deckel aus keramik in handarbeit hergestellt - NR: 104 - VERKAUFT   ο   adventsschale in naturfarben   ο